ITG boosts efficiency and speed in Enterprise Services Businesses for an Indonesian Telco Company with ITG and Red Hat

Communication plays an important role in Indonesia to deliver access to information and connect businesses for the country’s economic development. As of 2021, Indonesia is one of the biggest telecommunication markets, covering around 350 million mobile service subscribers and over 200 million internet users. An Indonesian telecommunication company sees this big opportunity to help Indonesians connect with one another and improve people’s quality of life through communication on multiple platforms.

Due to the volume of users, this company found holding even bigger amounts of data a challenge. And since the pandemic has made it less possible for face to face activities, the citizens are truly dependent on communication platforms- which means more complex system structures and higher demands for more functionalities. They needed to enhance their technology capacity to cover the needs of their subscribers which prompted them to find partners to help them leverage their enterprise application and support developer productivity more efficiently.

To cope with the industry changes and increased traffic in their enterprise applications, they aimed to deploy this at scale using a platform with a user-friendly console for easier management and visibility on all clusters across multiple deployments. They approached ITG Indonesia to help them enhance the management of, and the developer experience during their devops activities to allow communication and interaction between different environments and software. ITG Indonesia supports their ESB expansion program by creating, developing, managing and supporting possible improvements and securing their ESB services on the day to day operations with OpenShift Container Platform (OCP), surrounding infrastructure, and ElasticSearch.

This Indonesian telecommunication company has tagged the engagement with ITG Indonesia as excellent, skillful, and helpful. Backed up by ITG’s Experts, this company has successfully boosted their developer team’s efficiency and speed in development operations.

This success story is a testament to ITG’s desire to help businesses boost their business productivity and services. ITG is your technology partner as you go through your Digital Transformation Journey. Schedule a consultation with our tech experts to know how you can scale your business with a seamless roadmap for your digital transformation journey.