Seven Tea One ventures with ITG to Accelerate their Business through DX investments with Kita

SevenTeaOne is one of the growing social enterprises accredited by the Malaysian government, creating beautifully handcrafted infusion teas from locally sourced herbs, flowers, and spices. All the ingredients used are sourced from small-scale family-run urban farms and community gardens, providing them a safe and dignified working environment to gain income for sustainable living.

Aside from producing a wide variety of herbal heritage products, they are also committed to the United Nations Sustainability Goals of gender equality, decent work & economic growth, and reduced inequalities. Seven Tea One makes this possible by creating a platform for the differently-abled and marginalized communities with a goal to impart training and employment opportunities to ensure more sustainable skill development and source of income.

In the desire to relocate, start a bigger retail business, and attain a Halal Certification, ITG provided SevenTeaOne a scalable system in place to keep track of inventory records for raw and end products.  As the team and the production continually grows, human senses are not enough to monitor the transactions and ensure the quality of its products. With these goals in mind, a proper system is needed to manage their operations and to keep up with the growing demands of the market, while fulfilling their advocacy as a social enterprise.

ITG provided a robust system to Seven Tea One that will enable them to leverage cloud technology to support the functions of their social enterprise. ITG is focused on providing solutions like NetSuite to address its inventory challenges and provide additional user licenses and professional implementation services.

Now they have their hands on a system that gives them visibility on their various business operations through an enhanced reporting tool that provides real-time information that can help them manage their handmade products operations better. Seven Tea One can widen its products without having to worry about inventory cost visibility and procurement management. NetSuite boosted their cash flow with better invoicing and collection for a faster time to cash. With the system in place, they can now access their data from anywhere without having to worry about security with the dedicated security resources embedded in the solution. SevenTeaOne is happy with the proposed solutions and can’t wait to use the new system to grow the business.

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