GRB Achieves Real Time Visibility and Improved Service Delivery with ITG & Oracle NetSuite

GRB Enterprises has been a business partner of 3M Company since 1990. The company upholds its commitment to promptly deliver the products and services – carrying products for food, cleaning and workplace safety division all over the Philippines.

As the business grew, they came across key operational and financial challenges resulting in negative business impacts. Running manual and traditional processes caused delays, errors, and difficulty to generate real time reports. The need of a system to automate was in dire need to help them switch their focus from overlapping tasks. Solving this helps them achieve business visbility and agility on making faster strategic business decisions towards growth.

ITG implemented NetSuite Cloud ERP to help digitize their operations and allow them to yield better value for their service, not only in the timeliness of their delivery, but improving overall customer experience. The adoption of the tool made it easier for the team to monitor inventory, manage organization finances, and generate reports and compliance requirements when they needed them.

The foundation of GRB and ITG was established through collaboration on resolving issues with the service level agreements. ITG ensures that the queries and requirements with regards to the value of their subscription are timely addressed. Aside from the solutions implemented and after-sales engagements, the ITG tech team also provided refresher training to enable the employees of GRB to fully utilize and maximize the tool based on their roles and responsibilities.

It’s been 5 successful years with GRB, evolving together with their organization attaining the next level of business growth. The expansion requires to cater to the needs of a competitive market, their business needed to shift and adapt to the demands on solving business capabilities. Together with ITG, we have been constantly enabling GRB to achieve key initiations for their digital transformation journey as of today.

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