One single platform to meet your database needs

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are driven towards digital transformation. Failure to adapt to this movement places businesses at an increased risk in current and future competitive markets.

A company’s ability to successfully pursue its digital business initiatives also depends on an enterprise-class platform and full-service vendor within budget. Finding the right partner will help enterprises to ensure their success in what typically is a challenging operational and strategic shift.

Based on the mature multi-model database PostgreSQL, the EDB Postgres™ Platform allows customers to develop new applications for digital business, modernize existing applications, replace legacy DBMSs and support cloud initiatives.

EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) leverages the advantages of open source, including significant cost savings, and introduces EDB Postgres as a new data center standard.

As a reliable partner to more than 3,500 customers, EDB provides enterprise database options, mission-critical tool suites, flexible deployment options and services and support to enable customers to run Postgres responsibly at scale

Enterprise-Ready Database Platform with Full-Service Offerings

At the heart of the EDB Postgres Platform customers will find a mature DBMS with relational and non-relational capabilities to support diverse workloads from traditional OLTP and reporting workloads, to key-value and document databases.

Customers can choose between a hardened version of open source PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server with improved performance, enterprise security, compatibility for Oracle®, and DBA and developer productivity features.

While the Management Suite provides mission-critical tools for database infrastructure monitoring, tuning, high availability and disaster recovery, the Integration Suite allows enterprises to build a data platform across multiple data sources including traditional DBMSs and new data stores, providing a holistic view of data. The Migration Suite facilitates schema and data migrations to EDB Postgres.

The platform’s flexible deployment options include bare metal, virtualization, and containers; and private, public, and hybrid cloud allowing customers to easily integrate EDB Postgres into their existing infrastructure or move instances across deployment options.

The EDB Postgres Platform is complemented by a portfolio of professional services offerings, 24/7 global mission-critical support, remote DBA services, and training and certification helping customers to get the best value out of their Postgres deployments.