Autophil Zone Sales Corporation Simplifies Cross-location Inventory and Financial Management with ITG and Oracle NetSuite

Autophil Zone Supplies Corp is one of the Philippines’ largest importers and distributors of automotive spare parts. Since its inception in 1970, they have expanded to cater to the whole Philippine region through the help of their partner companies. With over 42 years of experience in the market, their team of experts has continually leveraged the industry to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

As the company grew, it is critical to be able to oversee everything in the back end to ensure that all customers will be satisfied with the service that they provide. However, documenting manually for across 40,000 products in a number of warehouses and partner companies will be taxing, and human error is expected to cause discrepancies. Report generation is also an issue since this will require real-time entry on current inventories and transaction status update.

To help the company transition towards its unanticipated growth in 2018, ITG implemented Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP. ITG understood the goal of AZSC, and with NetSuite, they gained the ability to track their inventory and generate updated business reports on the fly to help them in making business decisions and for compliance to government required documents.

The communication between AZSC and ITG was critical in ensuring that the adoption of this technology will be a success. More than just technical needs, both parties understood the direction that AZSC wanted to take- to maximize customer satisfaction in every touchpoint and further promote international auto spare parts trade. This became the essence of the digital transformation that AZSC wanted to achieve, and ITG wanted to provide for their client.

3 years after the initial implementation of NetSuite, ITG is still with AZSC in its journey to refine the system further to fit their business needs and goals. In each step of the process, ITG provides assistance to AZSC in the form of technical updates in order to maximize their investment and further use NetSuite to their business’s advantage. Key user refresher training is also provided to increase the user adoption, stay up to date with the latest NetSuite features and to keep up with any changes with the business’s internal process. 

The partnership does not end with the implementation of the solution. ITG will continue to provide assistance and technical guidance to AZSC to further assist them in achieving their business goals and objectives.

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