Indonesian FinTech Startup fuels their Digital Transformation with ITG and Oracle NetSuite

Bitcoin was born during a crisis in 2008. It is a currency that no one controls, and transactions are recorded on the blockchain: a kind of ledger that records all critical transactions. With Bitcoin being scarce by nature, it ensures to remain valuable and continues to increase its price. that it remains valuable. The easiest way to get Bitcoin is through a cryptocurrency exchange. However, it is essential to do your research before choosing the right platform and a secure wallet to store your crypto.

One leading fintech startup company in Indonesia allows their users to buy, sell, transfer, receive, and store crypto instantly and without a hassle using their platform. Their team consists of experienced professionals who have the ambition to drive positive change in Indonesia through blockchain technology.

With the desire to take their open financial system to the next level, they aim to empower their financial system to stimulate the company’s performance and increase the crypto transactions daily. Along with the increase in the business movement, the challenge of integrating the trading activities with the financial and accounting management information system reliability arises. They recognize that in order for them to facilitate their growing business needs, they need a flexible and customizable ERP solution.

The startup’s management team desires for the growth and expansion of the business. ITG Indonesia recommended NetSuite’s Cloud ERP solution to fuel the growth of their organization. Through their acquisition of NetSuite, they are now experiencing the modern financial reporting that delivers real-time financial analysis and modeling across every dimension of their business for detailed insights into corporate performance and improved business decision making.

ITG is your technology partner as you pivot to the world of digital with solutions that will accelerate your business growth. Let ITG x NetSuite help you have a seamless Digital Transformation in the next normal.