With the focus on making your work stress-free, Manage Engine crafts comprehensive IT management software solutions. At affordable prices, it provides over and above 90 tools which will assist you in your IT operation management including; applications, service desk, servers, security, Active directory, networks, mobile devices, and desktops. From the ground up with contextual integration, Manage Engine has constructed its own tools to ensure you are able to manage IT together.

Best in class cloud IT Software Solutions and Award-Winning Product Portfolio. For IT management across the world, about 90,000 clients have confidence in Manage Engine.


From digitizing records to online communication and arranging appointments, new technologies are doing remarkable things for health care. But! What is going to happen when these systems fail? IT management becomes critical as health care movement is rapid online making care more suitable for people all over the world. Thanks to Manage Engine, the recommendation for high-performance, secure, and a compliant IT management is simple.

New technology may be changing the face of the manufacturing sector in a lot of great ways, but it can come with quite a few drawbacks. From unintegrated systems and disparate user devices to regulatory compliance requirements and cybersecurity, implementing transformative technology such as IoT and the cloud can be a lot riskier than it seems, especially if you’re working with third parties. To help save your time, money and prioritizing security, enhance your IT with comprehensive management solutions. Continuous IT means uninterrupted production.
Uninterrupted IT means continuous production.

To keep everything up and running, it is important that you can count on your IT because technological advancements change the way you do business. Manage Engine Solutions offer you total visibility of your IT infrastructure making sure that your business has only the best compliance, service delivery, network performances, and security.

Education can be transformed by technology but your IT has to be up to the task. Your class can be thrown into confusion/disarray if there is any threat, network congestion, downtime, security breach, or a drop in user’s experience. Investing in a strong IT management solution is investing in academic excellence. Both on premises and in the cloud, you can be in total control of your IT services and infrastructure with Manage Engine. With this, the best in staffs, students, and faculty alike will be brought out.